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Asharler Products Trading

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Disinfecting E-Commerce Website

The Asharler Products Trading specializes in selling disinfectant equipment such as Mobile Thermometry Disinfection Channel, Fog Disinfectant Machines, Ultrasonic Disinfectant Machine, UV Sterilizer Light, and other similar products with the end-result of providing a clean-germ and virus-free environment.


The purpose of this WordPress Design project is to construct an easy-to-use E-Commerce Shop for Asharler that includes the integration of RCBC Bankcard Payment Facility, which can be used to pay Debit and Credit Card Transactions.


The Asharler E-Commerce Shop website was well designed. The whole site is designed to meet the needs of the client, and the RCBC Payment facility is properly integrated. The buyer’s experience is really important.
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